Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two Kingdoms

Once upon a time there were two kingdoms.  In the first, the people got along fairly well.  They ate, they played, they worked and when night fell, they slept under a sacred blanket.  This blanket consisted of two materials.  The top was kingdom 2's, the bottom was their own.  The weather was just right, so they could sleep under either side.  Still, most rested beneath the fabric of their own land, safe, and all but unaware of the other side.

The people of kingdom 2 had the same blankets, however the weather was not as permissive.  Their king insisted that they sleep under the foreign side, not for comfort, but for surveillance of the other land.  Alas, the king was an old man and his eyes began to fail him.  Nevertheless, as far as he could see, this strange land was suspicious and he insisted upon the unpleasantness of this foreign cloth and its weavers.  Before long, the people of this land began to itch and sweat under the dark cloth and decided they must help their king destroy the foreign manufacturer.

So they traveled to the 1st kingdom where they met with the other cloth weavers.  They got along well with the people of 1st kingdom and made friends with some of them.  Even the cloth could not itch apart from their king's insistence.  Regardless, their king cried out from across the oceans, "These are impure, they must be destroyed!"  They trusted their king, and had always assumed his eyesight far exceeded their own.  So, when night fell, they threw the people in kingdom 1 out of their beds and smothered them with the upper cloth from their sacred blankets.  And as far as he could see, their king was pleased.

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