Saturday, August 15, 2009

Best Interests: Honor Shilling? (2)

Previously I wrote about the case of ex-Muslim runaway Rifqa Bary. Along with her testimony and that of her father & brother, we have a conflicting account of an obviously troubled girl.

Details coming from both sides seemed to be problematic. However, there are further details that the short video clips don't divulge. Here's what we know about Rifqa:

* She & her family came to the U.S. from Sri Lanka in 2000 for medical treatment of her eye after she'd fallen onto a toy airplane & lost her sight.

* She is not a U.S. citizen and still a minor (age 17). She's currently in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

* She first became infatuated with Christianity in 2005 (4 years prior to running away from home).

* Her father was aware she had been questioning her faith, but she supposedly tried to keep her conversion hidden from her parents. Eventually they found out as friends and family told them about her postings on facebook.

* She began proselytizing with her bible at school, but was asked to stop by her family who said it wasn't appropriate as a school activity. She was also asked to learn more about her original faith first.

* According to a source at atlas shrugs, her conversion to Christianity was made public on myspace as long ago as 2007 (her last login). "most of all... my savior is JC".

* She secretly became baptized in her home state this year.

* Her mother supposedly said Rifqa would be "dead to her" unless she recounted her Christianity. It's unclear who relayed this quote to the journalist, or if there was another implication though.

* After fleeing her home to pastor Lorenz's house, she told him that her parents would not report her missing. However, she was wrong about that.

* Her brother has expressed concern over her safety with the "pastor she's known for only 2 weeks".

So what does it all mean?

* She seems too indiscreet (or stupid) for someone genuinely worried about a death threat.

* Her parents seem genuinely invested in her well-being. Even if their words fail to convince, their actions don't. They took on the financial & social responsibility of moving to the U.S. for her sake.

* Her hyperbole suggests she's deeply fanatical, or an over-actor. No... I think maybe it's both.

* However, there have been cases before where the parents appeared well-meaning & the "apostate" child returned home to meet her end.

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