Friday, August 14, 2009

Honor Shilling?

This Video was posted at atheistmedia a couple days ago (where I first saw it). In the video, a young girl appears at the side of pastor Blake Lorenz of the Global Revolution Church. She's smiling and replies "hi" in response to the reporter for the first second or two until the pastor says "she's very scared". Her expression then becomes more somber as she begins her story about fleeing her home in Ohio to the safety of the Florida church.

According to her account, her parents are extremely devout Muslims and once they discovered her conversion, her father threatened to kill her. If there weren't numerous cases of this actually happening, its plausibility would all but evaporate right there.

What's got some people doing double-takes, however are some questionable behavioral oddities such as...

* The ease with which she starts and stops crying.
* Her mantra "this is reality, this is true, this is reality" as she begins crying again.
* The reporter's inane "what do you want" question near the end of the interview.

The last one launches her into the answer to the question that no one needed to ask. By the end, the whole thing almost comes across as a veiled advertisement for Christianity on the news.

If the story's not legitimate...


Another video expands on the story a little further with comments from her family disclaiming the story's legitimacy. Currently she's in the custody of child services until the facts are sorted out. This could be an interesting one to follow.

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