Monday, September 7, 2009

Quasi-Conclusion: Honor Shilling? (3)

Rifqa Bary, teen Muslim-turned-Christian runaway has been pleading her case in court. She's expected to remain in foster custody for the next 11 months until she becomes old enough to legally take responsibility for herself. The remaining debate is where she will stay until that time, as her parents have agreed that she can stay in foster care.

Does it really matter where she stays? Who knows? The cases' resolution is in plain enough sight now anyway. Keep her in foster care, and let her determine what steps to take when she hits the "magic 18". Easy enough, right?

Though maybe not for the same reason, I think it's equally important that she be kept at arms length from the other contending party in the meantime. The Bary family has also requested a psychiatric evaluation for Rifqa, while the case outcome is arbitrated.

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