Friday, June 10, 2011

MadLibs Co-Creator Dies Due to (Smelly) Heart (Retirement)

Yes, Leonard Stern who some have referred to as the _(adverb)_ _(noun)_ ever to walk the Earth died Tuesday when his heart _(verb)_ it's last _(noun)_.

Not only was he responsible for MadLibs, one of the _(adverb)_ word games ever _(verb)_, but also for Get Smart -arguably the best bumbling hero sitcom ever dreamed up. And where would Inspector Gadget be without Maxwell Smart as the template? Plus he brought many other classic shows into the light.

Thank you sincerely Mr.Stern (and Mr.Price) for making my childhood a lot more _(adjective)_.


Possible word fill-ins:
* hottest
* apple
* danced
* parakeet
* slimiest
* plopped
* obnoxious

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 22nd - The End Of The End Of The World

Is it the end of the world again?
If you've got any stock in paster Harold Camping's math & interpretive skills, believe that despite numerous scribal errors, revisions and re-translations, all the relevant dates in the bible are solid and literal, and that Matthew 25:13 doesn't apply to Camping, then... well, it's hardly a leap is it?

For us hard-headed non-believers, however, the real red letter date is May 22nd. I predict it will essentially be a day like any other day, no less ended than it was in September 1994 (Camping's last prediction).

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Dead: Obama Graffitos Speech with Closing Cliché

As the news has likely reached even those living under rocks, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in any cave who hasn't yet learned of the demise of ex-spelunker-douchebag-extraordinaire Osama Bin Laden.

On the heels of the news came the president's obligatory announcement, recap of 911 (for those of you who forgot what the "never forget" bumper stickers were about), and restrained, but detectably smug demeanor.

All of which were just fine. The problem is that a speech revolving around the enemy our nation killed (for non-religious reasons) should not loop back to a conclusion that assumes our favor among god(s).

Ironic, hypocritical, shameless pandering, or totally meaningless. Either way, I think he blew an otherwise great speech there.

To be constructive, here are some preferred, more appropriate cliché closers:
"What a relief!"
"We can all sleep a little easier now."
"The world became a safer place today."
"Goodnight, and good luck."
"And that's the end of that chapter."